Who are you going to count on to make sure the job gets done?

For decades now, Silver City Property Management has been delivering beautiful commercial landscaping projects, on time and on budget, and our commercial landscaping team has a well-earned reputation for being a “best in class” landscape contractor.

Landscaping - Silver City Property Managements will use our expertise in landscaping to enhance your property when needed. Our team will partner with you to provide a design that will work within your expectations. This includes changing overgrown plantings when needed as well as providing seasonal color for your property.

Grounds Maintenance - We will partner with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to accomplish your site management goals. We will bring enthusiasm and commitment to stewardship to enhance the health and beauty of your property.

Snow Removal - Green Expectations prides itself on the quality of snow removal services we provide. We will give you impeccable service at the same price as the competition.

Sprinkler/Lighting Services - Our staff of irrigation technicians have years of experience to help diagnose problems on your property. We can use the latest in water saving techniques to make your irrigation system economical and still provide the turf and plant quality you desire. Upgrades of your system can help make it more efficient and we can work with you to provide the changes needed to save you money on your irrigation budget.